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Thursday, May 08, 2008 10:33 PM

Woo I am back with some pictures finally!

Here's our room! Nothing spectacular la but we really put in alot of effort at every corner.

I love the green wall and the new laminated flooring!

Saw that white shelve, green carpet, curtain and computer table? All are from Ikea! Wah that day we really had a hard time trying to lug everything back home. Almost can't fit the fixtures into our car! Thanks god for the help from the staffs. We tried to put everything together throughout the night with all the drilling and knocking. Luckily no one call the police to complain. Haha...

Anyway it's all lies lor. Ikea stuff very hard to fix together leh. I was responsible for the shelve while the husband do up the computer table. Gawd. The shelves have a whole lot of screws and nuts! I almost gave up. -_-

We got the waredrobe and bedframe from Brighton. I must say they go very well with the rest of the furniture! Loving every bit of the room now. ^^ especially the cozy corner! (aiya forget to take pictures of the winkies!! UGH! Next time perhaps!)

Pre-wedding shoot preparation!

We had lotsa last minute shopping! I always wanted to get a Olive Suite gown so we popby their store and found really lovely dresses there. But the only problem is that their MTM need about 1-2 months to be done so I chose an OTR short dress instead. Luckily all I need was a little alteration that only takes a few days.

I had my manicure and pedicure done at Bendemeer Mall which is just opposite my 娘家。 The girls from Pastel Festal did a great job and the price is really reasonable! I am hardly a girly person la so mani pedi these kind of things I won't bear to spend too much. HAHA.

Had a hard time trying to look for a pair of shoes to go with my dress. I wanted to get a pair of heels and Converse Shoes, which my Husband also bought a pair and wants me to buy a matching one. After looking all over the place, I bought a pair of lovely off white heels and a moss green converse shoes which match the gown perfectly!

We had 2 pre-wed shoot in total and they are just 2 days apart from each other. We had the one from our Bridal shop 1st and next with Wansheng.

The photoshoot on last Saturday with Bliss Bridal wasn't exactly pleasant. (ok, not that they are no good la. I guess the weather wasn't in our favour tat day! ><) I wasn't very ok with the makeup (the eyeshadow) but I guess the MUA was just trying to make sure the makeup can match with all outfit... (but I only wore one gown which suits that color eyeshadow while the rest are white! :O) I had lotsa different hairstyle thou... :/ The MUA is actually a very nice lady la but I guess I prefer lighter make up instead of what she did to me... Anyway it's just personal preference, so no offence or worry that the MUA is no good ah.

We had our shoot in the studio 1st and was asked to change into 5 different outfit. But I decided to just wear Evening Gown, Wedding Gown, my own tea dress and Kua for the studio shoot. The husband wore 2 different shirts with the same coat. We was rather against the idea of wearing traditional costume... (PS: I think I look like those ghost wearing kua in chinese horror movie. GAHHHHH)

Where we go: Ann Siang Hill > Alexandra road > Labrador Park

I regretted going Labrador Park. My gown is long and heavy. The weather was freaking hot. I have to pose with my holding back bending 45 degrees most of the time (don't ask me why!). My feet hurts like mad when sand stuck onto my slippers. I almost burst into tears when we are at our last few shots. I am dead tired. I just wanna GOHOMEEEEEEEEEE. :(

Not sure how the photos will turn out to be. But I am sure I won't top up extra.

The shoot with Wansheng was superfun thou!

Husband wanted something different... urban... while I like it morbid. Hahaa.. yes indeed very weird when it comes to pre-wed shoot. But we already had one very... normal and traditional with the BS, why not get something for this one?

This explain why we wore Converse and I didn't put on a normal veil.

Talking about the veil, I think Sharon did a very good job with the very normal looking veil and transform it into something like a rose and put it on my head. Hee. I like it! I like my make up in earth colors too. I see that she knows what suits me best therefore I got her for my actual day wedding make up and gave up the one from the BS. Pocket burnt a big hole la but it's all worth it! :)

Where we go: Our place > Seletar Camp > Changi Beach

We started off the day with my make up at 12pm then the arrival of Wansheng. Lunch. Shoots in the room > In the living hall. Didn't know our place got so many potential areas for nice photos. Hee.

After the weather starts to cool down, we proceed to Seletar Camp for our outdoor shoot. Thank god for Wansheng's warning, we sprayed quite abit of insect repellent and we kanna no mozzie bite! :P Heng I wore converse shoes if not walking and climbing will be a big problem. Tee-hee.

The god was very kind with us because the weather was good and the sky was beautiful! Love the pictures that Wansheng played around with the lightings.

Changi Beach isn't that bad too! Even thou I really hate going to the beach because sand getting in the shoes can be quite irritating. But surprisingly none got in and the pinky sky lights up my mood. ^^

I guess getting to know your photographer a little more does helps to build a better communication bridge on the photoshoot day. Really grateful for all the hardwork he puts in for our shoot! I am really looking forward to see the entire end product but for now, here are some of the pictures that Wansheng have edited. Love it all la! heee!

Beautifully (ok except for the last pic. hahahaa) captured by Wansheng from Feldberyl.

Huijun told me that day that after viewing them, she feels like getting married too! Now you know the power of wedding photos! Hee hee hee... Faster get married la bestie! You know I wait until long neck liao. :P

The bombshell:

Oh I mention about us dropping a bombshell... That is we are going to Hong Kong end of this month.

Not for the 4th time travelling there... but the Husband will be starting his new career there. We have no idea what are the plans like but we will most probably be staying there for like 2 years and come back when he have a better opportunity in Singapore.

And if you're wondering, how about our wedding? We will definitely be back for it! I guess we will be back on quite a frequent basis la. My main concern are my parents and sister. I know my Mum will prolly miss me alot but for a better future, we have to get thru this whole thing together.

And if you're also wondering, what am I going do there when the Husband goes work? Be tai tai lor. HEE. No la, I have plans of doing some online business... and prolly cook every meals at home to save money and occupy myself. Ailing mei always say that she feels worried for me because she knows I will 胡思亂想 if I stay at home for too long. But what to do? My visa doesn't allow me to get a job there unless I apply for a work permit... See how it goes ba!

So if you're my friend, buddy buddy, or bestest buddy and really want to meet up with me, please put time put place now! I only left with half a month! *sob*

Last but not least, here are some of the things I wanna eat before we head over to HK.

-OMG PLEASE GIVE ME DURAINS! I don't mind eating them until I nose bleed. If you have no idea how much I love durains, I can eat 5 in one shot, and have them all for 3 meals, for entire week!

-Laksa spaghetti from Rose Apple!

-Steamboat and dark sauce chicken that my mum cook.

-Boiled soup from my ah mah!

-Bak "Koot" Teh at Katong!

Wah alot of others in mind. But I shall stop here! HEE!

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