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Life in HK
Thursday, July 03, 2008 10:33 AM

More than a month since we were here already. How time flies right?!

Initially I wasn't sure why there are still alot of people asking why we are in Hong Kong now till I realise I didn't really state clearly our decision of moving here...

We are here because the Husband is working in Hong Kong now. As for me? A full-time stay home wife?

Not sure what constructive stuff I have done so far, other then keeping the house clean, waking the husband up, ironing his shirts and doing laundry. I miss the days where I can go for photography session. Although Hong Kong is bigger than Singapore but seems like our motherland have more interesting things to capture. But I still managed to shoot some good stuff here la (picture on top). Hahaa... aiya contradicting.

I have been procrastinating about getting the 40mm teleconverter and external viewfinder for my GRD but I can't seems to find any better price here... so I will prolly get them this weekend when I get back to Singapore.

Yes yes we will be back for 3 days taking a night flight tomorrow. We are back for our suit and gown fitting, photoshoot layout viewing, lunch with the besties, my Sister's birthday and Gayyong & Junie's ROM! I bet this is a trip worthwhile to make! :)

One of the little things I love about HK is that they have more public holiday then Singapore. So we are trying to make use of the long weekends here to make trips back for our wedding preparation. I just managed to fix an appointment with Oriental Hotel for our wedding dinner food tasting in September. Really looking forward to it because I bet it's a feast for us and our family! :P

Tuesday was a PH for us too so we went to Mongkok, thought of getting myself a dress for the KOHs' ROM and some new games to keep us occupied. I managed to get the Wii Fit at a lower price after running thru a few shops (they all look damn fierce can! and jack up the price like M A D). The Husband and I kinda like the games in it and it does gives a good sweaty workout. Hope I can shed off some fats la hor. Hee.

If you didn't realise, my 24th is coming soon! Like next month? :P

Here is my wishlist!

1) Ricoh GT-1 40mm teleconverter
2) Ricoh GV-1 External viewfinder OR
3) Ricoh GV-2 External viewfinder
4) Pink Palm Centro (which i think it's impossible to get since pink only comes with CDMA network...)
5) Longchamp Red Le Pliage Tote OR
6) Longchamp Le Pliage Embroidered Tote
7) Tokidoki X Hello Kitty Card Holder
8) Tokidoki X Hello Kitty Wallet

Ya... perhaps it's true a wishlist may just be a wishlist afterall if I am asking all these as gifts. Haha... But actually a wishlist is a goal for myself to work towards to. Like the Ricoh accessories! Can't wait to lay my hands on them... heh heh heh...

Btw... did you miss the drama mama going on? About the blog fights going on btw 2 bloggers... aiyo... why people take things so seriously? A BLOG IS JUST A BLOG.

"If you have a blog, you call yourself a blogger."

I don't know if I can fully agree with this statement. I mean come on, I started a blog yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssss back when internet wasn't even that important in human's life and I don't start telling the whole world that I am a full-time blogger... I don't add advertisment, ask for endorsement or anything else that I can gain from this blog. The only time I seek for help is when I was organising a charity drive a december 2 years back.

Simply because I blog because I wanna share my life with those who care. The only thing I want to gain is friendship and understanding. I blog what I like and not what others wants to read. Isn't blog supposed to be a place where you put in your personal thought? A blog is simply just AN ONLINE DIARY. Just that it's not lock up. It's quite sad to see how people wanna live off wih the kind of fame they will have when they start a blog. Why complicate something so pure, so simple? Why revolve your life around a blog when there are soooooooo many things you can do in life? AIYOWEI.

Don't know why I am so agitated anyway. But I feel that people these days are doing too many silly things to create unneccessary war. Come on, make the online and offline world a better place to be in!

Anyway, some misconception... to be amused at.

If you have a camera, you call yourself a photographer?
O M G. This is the worse misconception that one can get. You are a photographer when you get paid for your photos! You don't call youself a photographer just because you own a camera. You probably don't even know what are the other functions in your cam other than just point and shoot?

Even if you have a dslr, you are not a photographer. I guess it's the recent drop of price of DSLR that everyone owns one now. I know of some real photographers who gets baffled with the fact that everyone is claiming to be a photographer because they can afford a SLR. Come on, everyone CAN but not everyone have the EYE for a good shot...

Worse lot of them are those that cheat girls who dream of becoming models. I am sure you've heard of the news about a girl got rape after a fake photographer lure her into nude shoot, with a PnS CAMERA?!?!?!? God. Girls should know how to differentiate what's good and what's not. And please. Taking nude shoot won't turn you into a model...

It's... disgusting. Seriously. Back on track. I love photography and it's a hobby. No doubt I hope I can turn it into a profession next time. But for now, I am just an amature.

I am a song writer because I write songs?
Ya you are... if you are with a publishing house and get paid. But you're not if you write for fun, store it in your PC. Only when your works are recognised, professionally, you're a song writer. I don't even dare to call myself a song writer because I only write lyrics. So that makes me just an lyricist.

It's good to have dreams... but why be a jack of all trades but master of none. Try to work towards a goal, make what you love into a profession. Life would be better this way...

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