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Food Tasting
Wednesday, September 17, 2008 9:18 AM

The trip back to Singapore come and go like a breeze. It's a mad rush from the day we board our flight. And now, I am drowing in my own nasal mucus and semi-bed ridden. Sigh.

Had our food tasting at the Oriental on the 13th of Sept and it's totally luxury lor. I had ZERO complain on the dishes but changed 2 due to some repetition of ingredient. One of the rare moments to hear my dad saying "very nice" when it comes to food. Seems like my parents and sister like it very much.

We invited Dennis's aunties, uncles and grandma for the occasion too as his parents are still stuck in Beijing.

We have chosen dream theme. Love the color X 100000000!

With Oriental, I have nothing to worry about our wedding dinner. Sandy, our coordinator plan everything out well and all I need to do is to be present at the dinner itself. But things outside Oriental makes me pretty stressed out. Ugh. I have to take it easy for now!

Collected our invitation cards as well. Printed very nicely and love the black cards from Oriental.

Our flight back to HK with UA was cancelled the day before and thank god the husband checked the itinerary online and quickly called the US office and got a replacement flight on the same day with CX. An upgrade definitely but I love UA's service. They have really sweet and thoughtful air stewardess. Because it's nearing mid-autumn festival that day and lots of passengers bought mooncakes. The stewardess was kind enough to offer dry ice to put inside the mooncake. SO nice leh! I hope all other airlines actually provide such thoughtful gestures!

Ok, will update more when I recover.

Omg. Keanu Reeves so hensum can? Watching the Lake House now.

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