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Sibeh Random.
Thursday, September 18, 2008 9:05 AM

- You've no ideal how insane the weather is in Hong Kong now. Thunderstorm warning with a VERY HOT warning at 33degree C with terrible haze. 不病倒才怪咯。

- Processing and scanning of a slide film cost me 90HKD and can only collect them one week later! O M G. I have decided to get a film scanner this weekend. No more procrastination!

- I have a registered mail still at Tung Chung post office. I got it transferred from else where and I have yet to collect it. Hope it won't be sent back to the sender which I think is Warner. I got recontract-ed! Weee!

- Oh, it took me 9 mins to trace my mail on the phone.

- I finally had my visa after staying in HK for like 4 months! Better get my ID card done soon.

- I am half way done with filling up the invitation for my friends. I can't blardy write properly now. I hope my handwriting are still readible if you receive my card! ><

- Kiwi can't be my guest performer for my wedding! *cries!* But still happy for her because I know she loves Leehom and working with him is like, a dream come true!?

- Wedding is totally stressing me out. It's like... alot have been done yet I feel something have not been done?! UGH.

- Managed to eat Seng Kee's pig liver meesua and Balestier's bak kut teh when we were back in Singapore. Wah lau heavenly lor. We had the mee sua on the night we touchdown in Singapore and it was like 1.30am liao?! The 511 market was already closing liao! And I saw a huge flying cockcroach!! Like THATTTTTTTTT huge lor!!! ewww!

My family brought us to Bak Kut Teh. SO good! my parents and sister sure pampers me alot! 4 days in Singapore is just NOT enough.

- As much as I think I am not a branded bag fan... I really want THAT LV bag and THAT Prada bag! ><

- 5Dmkii is out! HD quality video recording somemore! Got money or not!? :(

- We got 1st row tickets to Russell Peters' Show! Thanks Wendy for booking and I bet we will have a good time at the show together! Wansheng... we will see nicer wedding photos right? :P

- I love my Kuma.

- I think I got sinusitis!

- All my puffers are gone... Any recommendation for hardy, small and not so high reproductive level freshwater fish?

- I need to get my arse moving and hit the gym again!

- Don't be lazy and start editing montage, emcee script, thank you speech and schedule list!

- Can't believe we still misses each other when my husband goes to work. It's like... we were back to the days where we 1st started dating. Guess marriage is not that hard to maintain if 2 person put in their heart to love each other. what's wedding man... we are already like married for eons years liao. Save the money and hassle and go for long honeymoon! :P

- Having churning tummy. I better go toilet now!

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