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Count down to our wedding: 19 days!
Tuesday, October 14, 2008 10:36 AM

Wah lau... this really set my heart racing. Just started packing my bags with stuffs that we are supposed to bring back. Everyday dump abit of things inside just in case we miss out anything. Gotta bring back the entire stack of left over invites as my in laws have to give out the rest by hands. Sigh.

To deal with stress, retail theraphy just have to continue. :P I just track my items and 2 out of 3 package of my spree items are in Singapore. Guess they should be able to reach me when I am back in Singapore!

Finally gotten my panda trucker cap!

Been searching for it everywhere. The shop in HK ran out of size and took a long time to restock. Anyway the wait is worth while. I love it to bits! Can bring it to our honeymoon liao!

Was shopping with the husband at Fa Yuen St. and chance upon this pair of pumps. Too cute to resist la!

It should be rat right? Not rabbit hor?

Finally managed to get the automatic feeder for the guppies. Although i read that they can go food-less for 2 weeks but that bear the thought of not feeding them la. What if they start snipping each other's tails?!

Quite funny at how they recognise feeding time. When they see me near the tank, they will start to go crazy jumping up and down. I suspect if I leave the cover open, they will sure jump out of the tank lor.

The husband have to go for his haircut this weekend before the wedding. Damn vain boy la. Spend more time infront of the mirror than me. Can't wait to snip off my hair after our big day. I get so sick and tired of long hair especially when i am suffering from bad hair fall. I think i will go botak in no time. Damn scary leh.


It's a known fact that I have zero tolerance to plagiarism. Yet again and again its happening around me.

It's amusing when people copy my blog entries. Not like it's well written la. Plus so many gammer mistakes! Want to copy also check the grammer la... it's so boring lor. Talking about my daily life. My husband is not your husband. My name is Anne and yours is not.

BUT it's not funny when you copy someone's copyrighted work. Especially lyrics. I once caught someone copying my lyrics without citing me as the original author. But this person realise her mistakes and mend her ways. I appreciate that.

But then I met this another girl, who I really hate describing as shameless, just couldn't stop doing it, copying, plagiarizing, stealing someone elses work.

I 1st found her copying my entries, my love "poem" which I painstakingly wrote for my husband years back (original ones okie?! i didn't google and copy and paste leh). Then I confronted her, ON MY BLOG. After which she deleted it.

Then when the husband proposed to me, she will tell me that her bf proposed too and getting married. Of course I will give her my blessing. (But everyone knows her dark secret.....)

Then whenever I said I wanted to get something, she also say she want to buy, or already bought it.

THEN now I am a lyricist, she also wants to be one!

Are you a major fan of mine?

If YOU really wants to be a lyricist, go ahead. I won't stop you. But if you openly declare that you are one, and posting all your work in your blog and forums, you have to be really careful.

All your so-called works are not yours. Not a single one for godsake. You got them from all different Taiwan aspiring songwriters forums and sites, thinking that no one will find out. Claiming that those are your works? WRONG MOVE.

Every single piece of work have copyright belongs to the original writers or their publishing house. For example like mine which belongs to Warner and COMPASS helps to keep track of copyright needs.

If you dare to copy and claim those are yours, you gonna prepare to get sued big time if they decided to go after you.

Songwriters circle is rather small. Most of them know each other so such news travels faster than fire. What you're doing now is just trying to get yourself burnt. Thou I heard the original sources are looking into this matter, I am not sure if legal actions will be taken. So I hope this is a good lesson to everyone.

Everyone work very hard to achive what they have today. Including songwriters. Who likes to have their work copied and claim credits by others? It took me years to get to where I am now. Don't you dare to think that CTRL C + CTRL V can get you anywhere.

Do whatever you like, but don't get caught. Then again, the internet? Nothing is a secret.......... google is your best friend. But it will hurt you too... heh heh heh.

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