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Many many kuma!!
Monday, December 01, 2008 1:16 PM

*Image intensive post!*

Last Friday, we met up with Waiming who were in Hong Kong for some fun!

Hope you enjoy the dinner and the short shopping!

Saturday, we make a trip down to the Canon showroom @ TST to have our hands on the new release 5dmkii. Have to queue up and each person only entitled 5 minutes to test the camera lor. Hahah.. can't believe we actually queue for it.

No need for me to write a review on it. It's everyone's dream camera.

After leaving the showroom, we took a train to Mongkok and check out if my pre-order kuma has arrived. Meanwhile, I got myself some Xmas deco and one bigger size kuma! (will intro him in the next entry!)

There you go! After waiting for more than a month!

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