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Happy Chinese New Year!
Friday, January 30, 2009 1:01 PM

So this is the 5th day of CNY already. How time flies man. We flew back to SG and now again back to HK. This trip was a mad rush and I hate myself for not able to meet up with more of my friends and spend more time with my family. Hope the next trip will be better!

Flight was at 810pm. Gotta wait for the Husband to knock off at 615pm and rush home to change and rush to take the airport express to HKIA. Wah lau practically running with hugeass lugguage and haversack. Mai siao siao lor. Damn heavy okie.

Thank goodness we make it on time for check-in but no time for dinner. Grab some chips from Muji to munch in the plane. United Airline only provide sandwich for meals la. But still love their service.

Touchdown around 12 midnight. The in laws came to fetch us and we had Ba Chor Mee at the Terminal 3 foodcourt. Not bad!

The Husband sent me to my parent's place in the morning. It's my Mum's birthday! But the poor her gotta make Kuey Lapis on her big day but this year is better as Dad took time off from work to help her out. Very proud of my parents. They are not only good at dping business but also good in the kitchen. Hee.

Me and my Sister were given the permission to escape from the baking. So she accompanied me to town for my last minute cny shopping! Thanks to my sister for helping me to make an appointment at the Browhaus for eyebrow trimming. Got it done rightaway and we pop by Star three Sixty for shoes shopping!

Never expect myself to buy anything from there until I saw the Onizuka Tiger X Tokidoki sneakers for ladies! How can I resist it when my size is available too! Managed to pursuade my sister to get a pair of OT sneakers at the same time but not the Tokidoki series. Good for her also because the Tokidoki one is not very feet-friendly. If you know what I mean...

I also spotted a pair that suits the Husband too. Very tempted to buy for him but it's better that he try them on before getting them. So later in the evening, the Husband joined us in town and bought them after trying! Wee couple sneakers!

hoho! Love them!

My besties and I + Sister decided to meet up for a short lunch in town that afternoon!

Love them to bits! They don't mind running around with me after lunch to buy my stuff. Feel very bad that I didn't have much time to interact with them. I guess this are what besties are for! It's the company that matters! :)

Very happy to see them actually. We used to meet up very often before I move to HK and now I will try my best to meet up with them everytime I fly back! I hope I have time to meet up with the rest of my friends too!

I have mention earlier on that my old laptop is giving way... decided to get a new one in SG and fell in love at 1st sight with the new Sony Vaio pink CS series laptop! Wanted to get it at the Paragon Sony Gallery but they only have one last piece of pink and there are many cosmetic defects! (Wah that salesman still wanna smoke me into buying it! ><)

So my sister and I plus the besties "dash" over to Taka's Best and see if they got stock for the pink. After much hesitation... (also duno for what la!), I decided to get it!!

SO pretty can!?!?!? It comes with free case and wireless mouse and free upgrade to 4gb ram! Mai siao siao lor. The speed is flying, unlike my old one... But still love the old pink leh. Aiya cannot have the best of both worlds la. Anyway this laptop is a gift from my mum again. It's funny how she give me presents on her own birthday but I guess it makes her happy that I am happy too. Plus she knows the importance of the laptop now since it's the only way she can see me everyday when I am in HK! Very grateful towards her generousity! Shall make this as my last year birthday gift. :P Thanks Ah Mi!

After getting all the stuff I need in town, we parted with my besties and sister + I waited for the Husband to reach town while we alter the watches straps at Tag.

We made reservation at Jumbo @ Kallang IS to celebrate mum's birthday. Seems like we always have seafood when I am back to SG. Hee... I know they are trying to accomdate me! So sweet!

I love my mum because she is simply the best! Hope I will be able to be by their side everyday soon!

Every trip back, I never fail to felt loved by them. My mum will bring me to eat my favourite food, my sister will bring me around to get the things I need without any complains and my dad will always show how pleased he is when we have the chance to eat together at the same table. That morning, he bought me Nasi Lemak, not one but 2 packets with my favorite sunnyside up egg. It's all this little gestures that matters. :) Very very blessed.

After cake cutting, the Husband and I left my parents place and head back home to prepare for battle with the ZZZZ monster.

Left home and reached HA & Jas's place around late 10-ish pm. The loving couple invited us and a few more couples for a gathering at their place. It was a mad night of Wii, Mahjong, Makan and drinks. Laugh until I almost turn voiceless. Left their place only at 830am the next morning.

Got home and zonked off almost immediately when we hit the bed. If not with that look on my face, even ghost will be scared off by me, needless to say 财神爷。

Had reunion dinner at home as my in laws had prepared steamboat and invited some of the relatives over. Helped out when we both woke up from our naps and dinner started late in the evening.

Miss having dinner with my parents... Sigh. But I guess that's how married life is. Not that I am complaining... but tradition do sucks a little.

Feeling very sleepy whole day but I have to 守岁 for my parents so I must tahan!! Thank goodness 12am came swiftly and I fall into my deep deep sleep...

Woke up very early that mornin as my in laws have the habit to visit the temple on 1st day of CNY. Didn't have time to use all my make up la so just slap some bb cream on and some blusher. (Both work like a charm!)

Basically it's temple > Marina Square > Movie (Love matters is a CRAPPY SHOW FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!) > home > Pop by my grandma's place for a short while > dinner at his uncle's place

The Husband's auntie can make really nice meesiam leh! It's been a long time since I had one!

Yay! Finally can visit my family on the 2nd day! Had my favourite mee sua!! It's definitely something I look forward to every CNY!

Didn't stay for very long also because they gotta go to relatives place for visiting while my in laws booked KTV for the afternoon...

So spent the afternoon from 2-6pm at the KTV and left for dinner together with my parents and Sister @ Rolands. The in law's treat. Too bad we didn't had seafood... (Rolands but no seafood!?!?!?!? Guess we had quite enough for my mum's celebration...)

Our flight back to HK is at 640am so we gotta leave for airport at 440am. Total madness. Thank god for the in laws for their ride. We have time for breakfast (like a super early one) at Delifrance and board the plane after that. Reached HK and back home by 12pm and throw everything into the washing machine, unpack the bags and take a nap to recover our lost sleep.

And there we are... back to our normal routine in HK.

I will be taking a short break from blogging as I have 4 songs pending to be done... and I am still trying to get used to the new laptop's keyboard.

So before I go, here's my favourite family picture for this CNY. :)

Have fun everyone!

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