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Tuesday, March 10, 2009 11:07 AM

I really hate it when people don't understand my well intention and thinks that they are ALWAYS right. No one is ALWAYS right. I really hate to be misunderstood. What a great way to start my morning.

没有人不要自己爱的人幸福。但我们唯一能做的就是,他幸福, 而不是帮他做选择。 幸福在自己手里。要争取,要放弃,只能自己做决定。

Enough of pissy stuff...


And so last week was our 5th year anni... I was all ready to have a no celebration this time round but the hubsband insist on having a nice dinner together. We met at Steak Expert near our place.

While the husband was walking towards me, he was holding this paperbag that reflect the lights and literately glowing from far. Haha... and he got me a gift afterall! It's really nice because the husband was never good in giving surprise until we moved to HK. Maybe Hk got romantic air. :P

He got me the Agnes B tote that I always wanted to buy! Every time when I pass by the store, I will stop and look at it. Now, I don't have to look anymore. It's mine! Wee!

Oh that gloomy bear X Hello Kitty keychain is very cute! I pre-order it from and seems like they don't have it anymore. But still, CUTE!

Earlier in the day, the husband called from office and our conversation goes like this:

Husband: Bee, what's the LV bag that you always like ah? My colleague wanna buy for his wife so he ask me for recommendation.

Me: Uhuh... don't bluff la... you use this tactic many times liao leh. Wanna buy for me is it?!

Husband: no lah, really he ask me for recommendation.

Me: I like the damier neverfull leh but not selling in HK yet how sia.

Husband: Har... any other models or not? Say leh...

Me: Trevi lor! But hor... almost 3k sgd leh. Damn expensive! But I prefer neverfull more leh... wait for they to release in Singapore then buy lor.

Husband: Ah okie lor...

Haha... the husband admit later that he really wanted to buy lv bag for me but since we going Japan for our long awaiting honeymoon (but we have yet to set a date! ><), we can get the neverfull from Japan! I can't wait! Not because of the bag la but because I can finally go to the land of Rilakkuma!

As for Trevi, I made a promise to myself that when I go back Singapore and start working again, I will save up for it myself. Hee I think I will cherish the bag even more if I buy it with my own hard earn money!

No, I didn't get him any gifts... I am trapped at home leh... But, having me as wife is already his biggest gift lor! :P Right right? Okie la, I paid for the dinner ma... I am not cheapskate. Hee. I will make it up for it la! It's the thought and effort that counts la not the gifts!

Weekend is finally here and I can finally step out of the house a do a little shopping. My shingles and allergy are about 80-90% recovered with some blotchy scar which I hope can clear up soon.

1st we had lunch at Mongkok's Langham mall, Match.too AGAIN. Totally love their pumpkin rice.

After lunch, we drop by Argyle Centre for the Kuma shop. Sorry I can't resist. Everytime I go Mongkok, I must drop by their store. And I must buy something from them because they always got new items when I'm there. Haha...

Wanted to help my Sister to get the korilakkuma hat/cape or whatever you call it... OH, the one I bought sometime back and I posted picture of it too. But it's all sold out so I bought a towel hairband for her and myself instead. I think the lady can totally recognise me now and she asked me if I want to pre-order any new stuff instead. Cute!

We left Mongkok and head toward Tsim Sha Tsui for Q-pot as I have reserved my pink iphone case and it's ready for collection!

I really hate going to Harbour City because it's sucha long walk from the MTR station! If not for the fact that Q-pot only has one and only branch and it's located at such ulu place, I won't even want to visit the place. Plus the mall is so goddamnblardy huge that it took us like 20 minutes to walk from the main entrance to the Toyrus.

After TST, we took the train and head to Causewaybay for the husband's haircut. We had an hour to burn so we rot outside of Timesquare and people-watched. Harhar.

The husband's haircut always take very long leh. 3 hours! The salon is always so busy and even if you had reservation with them, you will still have to wait. -_- Seems like a reverse thing huh... I hardly make my husband wait because I don't do manicure (unless on special occassion and even if I do, I won't want him to tag along), I don't have haircut often, at most twice a year and I will do it with the husband so he don't have to wait for me. So I guess it's not a bad thing to marry a notsovain and notsogirly wife afterall.

The iPhone case is quite a bitch to fix... a little too snugfit. But still very pretty! Only problem now is it can no longer fit into my Kuma cellphone pouch. :( So sad... shall see what I can do!

And I have also finally fixed the winkplay sticker on my laptop. Almost the same way I did to my old laptop but since the surface is bigger, I stick more on it. Nice or not!

Tricia, the SA of Q-pot told me it's a little too big for itouch 1st gen as the iphone is somewhat thicker and longer. And also there are holes on the case for features on the iphone which itouch don't have so it may pose problems like dust and scratches? But because we don't have itouch to test it out we don't know how loose it may be... hope this helps!

Hong Kong's weather suddenly turned cold again for the past 1 week and it's freezing us up. But I love it this way. Hoho... 冬眠 time!

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