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Monday, May 04, 2009 12:16 AM

For a moment I have forgotten this little space of mine... have the urge to stop blogging completely because I am like 80% lazy most of the time. But this domain is very precious to me so I guess, I will just try my best to keep it alive for now...

Ever since the 1st confirmed case of Swine Flu in Hong Kong, almost 40% of the people I see on the street (especially non-locals) are wearing mask these days. I am not sure if it's being too kiasu by doing so but we tried to look for mask over the weekend but failed to stock up any. It's practically out of stock everywhere! Since the Husband's office is giving out some to their staffs so I ask him to bring 1 or 2 back home just in case. :P

Labour Day started quite sadly with one of my guppy passed away...

I have been keeping 10 guppies for almost half year already... and to me is a great deal since my metality is that guppies doesn't have a long lifespan... But the night before, I found this smallest one swimming on it's side way. It's kind shocking because during the day, all 10 of them are acting as per normal and active. I am not sure what's the cause of it but my guess is bladder disorder.

My landlord was over at our place the other day and she ask us why we kept 10 instead of 9 because 9 fishes in Fengshui bring good luck to the one living in the house. I never thought that keeping fish will give me luck at the 1st place so I can't really be bothered about the number of fishes in my tank. On the positive side, maybe the guppy overhead what the landlord said and sacrifice itself to give us a better fengshui. :(

In the afternoon, we had high tea @ Yung Kee with the Husband's ex-colleagues who came over to Hong Kong for vacation. I always like to see how happy the Hubby is when his friends visit him in Hong Kong. We had a great time catching up with great company over great food.

On Sunday, I went to the Rilakkuma store to collect the stuff I pre-ordered. Wanted to get more of the earphone but was told it's out of stock everywhere even in Japan. The shop wasn't able to cover all their pre-ordered list and I was lucky to be the 1st few who pre-ordered. Glad that Tricia got hers and I regretted not pre-ordering mine together with hers too. And sorry babe, that I can't get more for your friends...

Remember I bought the SD-card holder too?

Instead of putting SD cards inside (which I don't need another pouch since my camera pouch have extra compartment), I store all my amulet with me...

Not sure if everyone does that but I have the habit of carrying all different kind of amulet with me when I go travelling or whatever else that need "protection" and luck.

Everything inside was bought by my Mum for me. :) And I like how the clasp on the pouch can hook onto my 虎眼 bracelet.

One last thing before I go...

Finally we are going for our long await honeymoon to..........

T O K Y O! Omg my land of Rilakkuma! I MUST TAKE PICTURE WITH HIM!

From 14th-20th June. I am so looking forward to it! <3

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