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Friday, September 25, 2009 11:00 AM

For the past few days, I was trying to self cure the irritating throat of mine. It started with the silly me choking on orange juice which I think somehow hurt my throat. It got worse on Sunday as my throat felt like sandpaper and swallowing saliva felt like swallowing sand instead.

Thanks to the lovely Husband for getting Honey and Gui Ling Gao Herbal Jelly (is there a actual name for it? Turtle Jelly? haha!), I felt so much better today. Woohoo no need to see doctor!

[160909 - The arrival]
On the 16th, my Sister and Jeff fly over to HK from SG to have a short holiday and we decided to play host and house them at our place. Hope they won't mind our small but cozy little adobe!

Met them at the Kowloon Airport express station. I was super early so decided to settle my lunch there. Bought 16 mini siew mais (I am obsessed!) and bought the smarties mac flurry too to satisfy my hunger pangs. :D~

By the time we reach my place, it's pretty late already so we catch a train to IFC mall, shop a little at Zara before meeting the Hubby for dinner @ Yung Kee.

(trying out new PS action but pictures turn out a little too blue-ish. -_-)

LOVE THEIR FRIED RICE TO THE MAX! Sigh make me wonder why there are such great delicacy around!

My sister suggest that we should get a drink since we are already in Lan Kwai Fong. The Hubby and I have never patronize any of the bars there before can you believe it, after staying here for so long? Anyway we just grab one and walk in because they all look the same to me. Haha! But we were pretty lucky because Insomnia @ LKF have live band that day and we are in the midst of happy hours so beers were cheap!

The next 2 days, Sister and Jeff went to Disney and Ocean Park on 2 seperate occasion. I am amazed because I don't think I can live without sparing some time for shopping. Haha! Nevertheless I am glad they had fun at the theme parks!

[190909 - Big Buddha & Jumbo Kingdom]
We woke up pretty early to accommodate the travelling time we have to spend on the bus up to the Big Buddha. NP360 was closed for maintance so no choice but to take the Lantao Bus. Talking about suayness... The last time Ailing mei was here, they were closed to. -_- I am THAT close to puking due to motion sickness.

After offering respect, we had the vegetarian food as breakfast+lunch (What you call that? Brunch?) which was fantastic. Love the cold beancurd!

Another dreadful bus ride back to TungChung from big buddha but this time I pop a motion sickness pill just in case. Phew.

Sister and Jeff spent sometime in Citygate while the Husband and I went to collect my online purchase. We met up at Mongkok so they can buy the famous Hang Heung old wives biscuit. As usual... they bought a WHOLE LOT. Haha... the Husband is quite scared of it already. Won't go into details!

Since it's still early, we decided to take a cab back to our place to drop off our barangs, freshen up before going for dinner @ Jumbo Kingdom.

To make our way to Jumbo (@ Shum Wan pier), we have to take a train from Olympic Station to Hong Kong Station, switch to bus 75 at the interchange which take a long time to reach.

To be honest, I am never into fine dining for seafood. SEAFOOD WHAT! Must eat with hands, which can be super unglam.

Anyway I was very pissed throughout the whole dinner because I really dislike the attitude which the waiter gave us. I am known to be a sucker for good service and I know in order to have good service, I have to be nice to who ever serve me too. 将心比心的道理我还懂! But this particular waiter was so rude that I don't think I can just let it go. We may not be dressed in formal outfit, but at least we are not sloppish! And YES, we are not WHITE skin-ed. Don't have to be so nationality-cist. We also got money to pay one okie?! SO what we take a long time to choose what to eat? We are not sweating at the price of YOUR menu but instead, we are rolling eyes at how common and unattractive your dishes are. UGH!

I really regret agreeing to eat at Jumbo. Should have travel slightly further to Sai Kung to eat instead. Look at the Cheese Lobster from Jumbo and compare them to the one I had in Sai Kung. You pay for a premium but get lousy dishes and attitude.

So please. if anyone of you are thinking of eating at Jumbo Kingdom, please think THRICE. Other than the outlook, nothing else is fantastic! Go Sai Kung eat better!

Sorry for being so pissed. Thou I didn't enjoy the dinner itself, I enjoyed the company very much.

After dinner, we went back home and had a few rounds of mahjong before we call it a day. Being angry really drain my energy faster. -_-

[200909 - Dim Sum & the couple leaving HK]

Thou we slept late the night before, we make it a point to wake up early so we can enjoy some nice dim sum together before parting ways with my Sister and Jeff.

It's my 1st time trying the Federal Palace @ Olympian City. It's pretty good but I still prefer Tao Heung thou. Federal Palace have more variety of dim sum and some with interesting names... like 我不是春卷。 Haha... we can't hold back your curiosity and ordered one to find out what exactly it is. To those who have tried Bosses Restaurant (黑社會 @ Vivo City, Singapore) they actually have this dish as complimentary starter dish. Not sure if they still does that now but the last time I went, which was really quite sometime back, they do.

Had a great time at Dim Sum thou all of us were feeling extremely lack of sleep. Haha...

The Husband have to go for his usual basketball game so the remaining 3 of us shop around at the mall before making our way back home. Sister and Jeff's flight was scheduled at 230pm IIRC so they have to leave my place at about 12pm. Send them down to the concierge to call a cab.

Hope my Sister and Jeff enjoyed their stay!

I am going to the SOGO Sale tomorrow! Don't know if I can find any good deal but the thought of stepping out of the house excites me!

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