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kdrama withdrawal syndrome
Wednesday, October 14, 2009 10:34 AM

These days I spent most of my time staring at the tv watching 2 super nice korea dramas.

Queens of Housewives / My Wife Is A Superwoman

My Fair Lady / Lady Castle

(not sure why they never fix a name for their show!) Anyway both also starring Yoon Sang Hyeon(*swoon*), which look sooooo much like Takuya Kimura! I love Yoon Eun Hye too! She look so pretty in My Fair Lady and all her outfits in the show are gorgeous beyond words. Totally recommend both dramas. Even the Husband are crazy about Queens of Housewives. HEE!

Other than watching kdrama, I was fussing over my gigantic boil that grew right in the middle of my forehead. I may not have the best complexion around but I rarely have such serious case of acne. But thank god it's getting better now. All thanks to SKII's miracle water. :P

The night before the boil appear, I suddenly had high fever which I think is related to it. It's like an infection of some sort. So I popped 2 paracetamol before going to the bed early.

Luckily the fever subsides the next day so I am well enough to go Shen Zhen with the Husband and his colleagues.

This is our 2nd time going to Shen Zhen but to a different part if it. Basically it's a eat shop walk trip! The serving of the food there was extremely huge!! And they are all like 10 course meal lor!

I didn't manage to take the pictures of all the food because everytime after 4 dishes, I will be too busy eating instead of snapping pictures. :P

Was feeling restless throughout the trip because I just recovered from the fever and the medication I took makes me sleepy. Sigh.

The itinerary of the day was: Lunch -> Shopping -> Mega bookstore -> Oil painting cultural village -> Dinner -> Home

Initially we promised to join the rest for KTV but we are super tired by the end of the day already. Must be a sign of ageing! HAHA!

Sometimes I want to update my blog like everyday with some random stuff and photos but not sure why I dislike the idea of having to post short entry. >< Maybe I should if not it seems like my blog is getting stagnant.

Can't wait to go for our short getaway! Totally in need of some massage, good food and cheap shopping!

Countdown: 7 days to Bangkok! <3

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