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Our BKK Trip
Friday, October 30, 2009 12:51 PM

Wah so paisay to neglect my blog for so long...

After coming back from Bangkok, everyday I have been busy sitting infront of the laptop... photoshopping and playing around with the livejournal template. I really hate CSS. HTML is so much simpler! But I am glad I sorta figured it out and the layout is finalised.

OH incase you guys don't know yet... the Rilakkuma stocks are here! WOOHOO!

Not alot... because almost more than half of my order went out of stock. But for now, we can just make do with what are available!

A little sad that I can't be in Singapore to open up the boxes and take a good look at the goods. But I can trust my sister to QC them and sort them out! :) Thanks Jie!

Tentatively we are looking to launch the blogshop on the 1st Nov (which is the Husband and my 1st wedding anniversary!) so do keep a lookout at this space for more updates! <3

Now back to our BKK trip.

The night before our trip, the Husband have to stay back in the office to finish up his work so that he can ease off some workload when he goes back after the vacation. But little did I expect him to come back only at 5am! We have to reach the airport by 8am, which means leaving home at about 7plus. Poor baby only have 2 hours of sleep...

As usual we went back to Baiyoke Sky for our accomodation. But seems like they really have little maintenance work done to the hotel. I remember my last trip there was lovely but this time, everytime is old and more expensive. -_-

Nevertheless I am glad they still make the effort to decorate our room after us informing them that we are here to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Well, to them, is Honeymoon.

We step into the room with aircon fully blasting the room (love it when the weather is insanely hot in BKK!), cake and fruits on the table and rose petals on the bed, in the basin and bathtub.

Well, one of the many reason for choosing Baiyoke Sky is also because they provide shuttle service to Siam Discovery. Super convenient! So everyday we have to make sure we didn't miss the bus (which operates every hour only) and for the rest of the days in BKK, we have been going to the same places because we are too spoilt. Hahaha...

1st stop was of course Fuji for lunch! OH how I miss their food. We had a hard time choosing what to eat so in the end we order so much that our table couldn't contain all of them.

After late lunch, we simply walk around Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon and some nearby shopping malls and before we realise, it's time for dinner. We decided to make our way back to the hotel to order room service (which they claim they have the best Tom Yam soup!) and enjoy te complimentary foot massage provided by the hotel.

For the next few days, yes, WE WENT BACK TO THE SAME MALL again and again. But we surprisely we have things to buy everytime we went back. :/

So to save the trouble of repeating the boring itinerary, here are the places and food we ate. :P

- Siam Discovery
- Siam Paragon
- Central World
- Platinum Mall
- Some other malls which I can't even remmeber the name

- Fuji
- Room service
- MK steamboat
- Food court in Siam Paragon (which is surprisingly GOOD and CHEAP!)

Things we bought:
- Clothes & Shoes
- Toys (!!)
- Snacks

- Massage
- Massage
- Massage

VERY BORING I KNOW! But our plan for this trip is to R&R so we didn't really follow any itinerary. We simply just walk what we see, eat what we see, buy what we see. :P

Anyway, here are the rest of the photos!

I really hate not updating but for now, please forgive me while I get busy with the start of the Rilakkuma blogshop!

Looking forward to Taiwan with the besties on the 15 November and celebrating our wedding anniversary on the 1st of November! <3


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