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Omocha-land Collection 3 & Back from Taiwan.
Tuesday, November 24, 2009 11:05 AM

OMOCHA-LAND'S COLLECTION 3 IS UP!!! Please show some love! <3

I am back from Taiwan with the besties since Saturday but my mind have yet to settle down. Just finished all the unpacking, washing and cleaning but the Husband and I will be flying off again to Beijing this weekend. As much as I love travelling, I start to dread about coming back home with a thousand things to be done.

Packing, Unpacking, Washing, Cleaning. And the cycle goes on and on. -_-

We spent a bomb on winter clothings because ours are all left in Singapore. UGH I shouldn't have brought them back but because our Hong Kong place's waredrobe is so tiny, I have to bring back winter clothings to Singapore during summer and summer clothings during winter. Now that it's winter, we have to survive in our 1 and only winter jacket until it's time to go back to Singapore and pick them up again.

Will post about the Taiwan trip when I am back from Beijing! Or maybe in Beijing...

Can't wait for 2010 to be here.

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