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Happy Valentines Day!
Monday, February 14, 2011 9:39 AM

Can't remember when was the last time I had a nice Valentines Day dinner with candles and steaks and flowers and love.

As years pass by, valentines day is just like any other day... good or bad? You decide...

Nevertheless, Happy Valentines Day to all! :)


Reminiscing 2010
Monday, January 03, 2011 11:23 AM

- Snipped away my long hair.
- Omocha-Land's 1st outdoor sales.
- Edwin & Cailin visiting us in HK. Happy Engagement!
- Crazily cold Hong Kong weather.
- Both of us down with food poisonig. Uh-huh.

- Flew back to SG for CNY
- Reunion dinner with my parents.
- V-day on 1st day of CNY so not much of a celebration.
- I gave him LVoe and he gave me the best present ever (revealed in the later part)
- Visited Perth. Had the best Fish & Chip.
- Crazily high humidity weather in HK. EVERYTHING TURN MOLDY.

- Besties (Ailing, Kaijing & Dylan) visited us in HK.
- My 1st white Wayfarer.
- Ate 3 pounds of cakes just to finish collecting the Rilakkuma plates.

- Busy putting our lives into boxes. :)
- Busy looking for new tenant to take over our apartment.
- My 1st Balenciaga from the Husband

- After 2 painful months of waiting, we are finally back to Singapore for good. Best gift ever. :)

- Bought Toyota Rush.
- 3rd Year ROM-niversary @ Petes'.

- New winter white hamsters, 虾饺 & 燒賣. :)

- Celebrated my 26th with family and my favorite friends.
- Attended my 1st Indian wedding.
- Bought our very own home.

- 1st HDB appointment.
- Birth of 7 baby hamsters,

- Month of Love. :)
- Sister's ROM & bestie Jun's wedding.
- iPhone 4.
- Joined California fitness, AGAIN.

- Celebrated 2nd year Wedding Anniversary at some burger joint. Nice.
- Fell down the blardy stairs at home. (Still finds it unbelievable).
- Final HDB appointment.
- Happiness. Sadness. Confusion. Tears. Joy.

- Never puke so much in my entire life. Worst hangover next day.
- Losing myself in the whirlpool of unhappiness.
- Attended Joce & April's weddings. :)
- Kept reminding myself what happiness is really about.

My resolution for 2010 was 80% fulfilled. I am not greedy. :P

Resolution for 2011? I seriously have no idea what to wish for...

If you mean material stuff, it gotta be the long await GF-2, new iPad and more Bals. But since the shopping bug in me died long time ago, I will just put everything into my wishlist (except for GF-2. It's a MUST buy. :P).

And what I really hope for in 2011? I wish for eternal happiness. Wherever I go, whatever I do, whoever I am with, I wish for happiness..

Have a wonderful 2011, everyone. :)


你。。。 快乐吗?
Tuesday, December 07, 2010 4:08 PM



Sunday, November 28, 2010 10:50 AM



One day...
Friday, November 26, 2010 2:21 PM

Just one day, if I ever abandon this site all together, it just means that I have given up on everything else. Including myself.

Learn to love yourself. Because nothing else really matters anymore.


03.11.2010 3.30pm
Wednesday, November 03, 2010 10:09 AM

Today we will be proud owners of our 1st home! WOOHOOO!!

Thou we won't be getting the keys yet since the 2 months extension as requested by the seller starts today, we are still excited!

2 weeks back we went to a few IDs trying to get quotation and is currently waiting for their replies. And it does seems like we have to bust our 50k reno budget. The reno cost totally slip out of our mind when we decided to buy an old EM. :/

Wish the Husband is here with me today to share the joy. But he is currently in Brunei for work and will only be back by Saturday. :(

Nevertheless I will have a good date tonight with my dear Ailing Mei! ^^

Have fun looking forward to the long weekend peeps! x



Starhub & iPhone 4 rant.
Monday, October 18, 2010 11:39 AM

I have been telling myself that, MAYBE I won't rush into getting the iPhone 4.

The husband's iPhone 3g is super CHUI already so I decided to use my Singtel line to get the iPhone 4 for him. Getting it online can have a $30 off somemore and comes with a free microSD adaptor. Best thing is that is has available stock. Like PLENTY of it.

After the husband got his hands on his new toy, I got the privilege to "test drive". O M G can it's so much better than the 3g. And soooooo I am super tempted to get 1 for myself!

The Husband managed to get a $200 e-voucher from SH and so the 16gb cost only like $200?!

But now... the problem is Starhub's iPhone seems to be OOS all the time. AND I MEAN ALL THE TIME!

We reserved one at the Starhub UOB branch a month. No news, no sound no picture. I went to Tampines, OOS. I went to Plaza Sing, OOS. I ask the PS branch about the pre-order and they say they don't have the pre-order list of other branch. And the funniest thing is that CSO have the cheek to say, "I don't think we have a branch in Tampines mall". Good lord. HELLO STARHUB can you please make sure you train your staff well!?

Now, the CSO says "Walk-in in december and sure can get on the spot". How come you can be so sure? Are you guys trying to hide the phones and push all the purchases to December to make your sales looks better during year end?

But does it works when customers couldn't wait any longer and decided to port their line to Singtel or M1? I don't get it why ST and M1 can have almost ready stock all the time but SH always have OOS issue.

Eh hello, you don't Apple pattern meh? Maybe early next year will have new iPhone already and December is already like 1/2 the life-span of the freshness of the iPhone 4!

And the worst part is their service hotline always super congested. Have to wait AT LEAST 30minutes before you can speak to a CSO.

You have just lost a very loyal customer here. No more Starhub, be it mobile line or broadband. (Okie cable TV is bo bian ><) I am so gonna ask the Husband to port his line to Singtel, like TONIGHT. UGH.



Wednesday, October 06, 2010 11:42 AM

Hey you BIATCH,

If there is a mistake in the invoice, its your fault and not mine. It's your job and not mine. It's your responsibilities so don't shove any faults around. You're the one who entered all the details, you expect me to run thru a million entries for you and put all my other MONEY EARNING business down just to run thru your lazy and careless job done??

If you have so much farking time to talk on the phone, read newspaper or magazine, run through your OWN work. I am not paid to do your dirty job and get blamed if there is a single mistake found.

You know what? FUCK IT. I am already damn blardy sick of your face. You better pray hard that you're stable at your seat right now.

F.Y lots,


2nd HDB appointment + hammie babies update!
Wednesday, September 29, 2010 12:04 PM

After Siewmai gave birth to 7 cutie little babies, I have been busying making sure the mother is well fed and the babies not being neglected. I think Hargao the Dad feel very neglected and pretty unhappy with me. ><

They are 10 days old today and more furry as compared in the pictures. They are learning to eat small solid food which are broken down by the mother. Siewmai is a fantastic mum and I am very proud of her. ^^ the babies also starting to groom themselves like the adults. SO CUTE! I wonder how they learn it!

But Siewmai is still very protective of them. She always keep the babies covered but since the babies gets bigger, they like to roam around the cage. But when she notice the babies walking out from the "zone", she will bite them on the back and carry them back to the nest. Very cute and funny. HEE.

HDB 1st Appointment - 22nd Sept
The Husband and I took a day leave to service the car in the morning and to HDB in the afternoon. We were expecting to complete everything within 2 hours at HDB but ended up spending more than 3 hours stuck in the lawyer office.

We need to go to the lawyer office because we took up a bank loan instead of HDB loan. But the efficiency of the lawyer office is super lousy and the assistant (we only met the actual lawyer for like 3 minutes?!) is super blur and got all calculation wrong and my agent is super pissed off with him. -_- nice.

Before we signed the OTP with the owner, we promise to let them extend their stay for another 2 months. But on the day of 1st appointment, they made us signed a handwritten letter stating that if they stay beyond the 2 months, they will pay us a monthly rent of 2.5k. My dad then reminded us that it might be illegal to do so.

To be honest, I am not keen with the 2.5k at all. I just wan to get the house like ASAP. I understand that they have yet to find a new place but I really hate to let it drag. Initially I thought we might be able to get the keys by end of this year. But it seems like we can only do so early next year. So depressing. :( My sister got their house later than us but are expecting to collect keys before Xmas. ugh.

I have bought alottttt of home deco mag and my uncle have given us quite abit too. And I came across this form in Squareroom where you can fax in with your floorplan and get free quotes from ID company. My warning is.. PLEASE DON'T FAX in! There is nothing call FREE because I have been pestered by this particular ID who have been bombarding me with phone calls and smses and ask me to go down and meet her. LIKE HELLO it stated no obligation right!?

Lastly I have been pretty stressed up and busy with my dear sister n my besties' big day. Both falls on the same day! I am very very happy for them but at the same time worried that I can't help them enough. I will still try my best to make sure everything is alright and perfect for them. :)

Mid-week today! I can't wait for weekend to come!


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I am a proud grandma today!
Sunday, September 19, 2010 10:41 PM

My baby, Siew Mai the hamster gave birth to some beautiful babies today! I can't confirm the headcount because she is extremely protective of them now. But I did see alot of moving pink legs! :P

I have already suspected her to be pregnant due to her size and also her nesting instinct. But little did I know she will give birth so quickly!

I was out the whole day today but before I left home, I promise to clean her tank after I return later. Because once hamster have given birth, it's best not to interfer their habitat for at least 2 weeks so to play safe I wanna change just before she give birth.

Sorry baby that I wasn't around to give you moral support but I'm so proud of you! <3 xx

And congrats to Har Gao promoting to be daddy now! I think he heard the babies crying and is trying to steal glance of his products. :P

Picture too dark to see them but I can hear the babies "crying" now! Hee

-- On iPhone


Thursday, September 16, 2010 10:11 AM

I really really like this song by Kay Tse 謝安琪. Can't find the mv in youtube but here's the lyric anyway.


我脆弱 像泡沫碰泡沫 被戳破
我陷落 像漩渦的漩渦 絞碎但活著
不斷在剝落 有個我被吞沒

我脆弱 像薄膜擠薄膜 快壓破
自信過 像蛋殼被輾過
當承諾和溫柔都被 揮霍
剩我一個 一個人執著 又算什麼

那麼 為什麼是我 我真的脆弱
記憶丟石頭 偷襲便逃走
我不覺得快樂 也不覺得難過
為什麼而活 愛又算什麼
好多假動作 我們都寂寞

我脆弱 像粉末吹粉末 在散落
我愛過 但寂寞更飽和
當承諾和溫柔都被 揮霍
剩我一個 一個人執著 又算什麼

那麼 為什麼是我 我真的脆弱
記憶丟石頭 偷襲便逃走
我不覺得快樂 也不覺得難過
為什麼而活 愛又算什麼
好多假動作 我們都寂寞

是否已錯過 最好的下一個
你錯過我 各自生活 被放錯了角落
為何 總是覺得有點不妥
花 自開又自落

為什麼是我 (我真的脆弱)
我真的脆弱 ( 命運丟石頭)
命運丟石頭 ( 偷襲便逃走)
偷襲便逃走 ( 為什麼)
為什麼 (我沒有想些什麼)
我沒有想些什麼 (念頭自動出沒)
WO (都由不得我 )

Love the lyric. Very real and perfect. And music by Khalil Fong.



My twenty-six celebration.
Tuesday, September 14, 2010 11:23 AM

+ 1 week more to our 1st appointment with HDB!

About a month ago, on the 22nd of August, I celebrated my 26th birthday, this time round in Singapore!

Sorry that I took so long to blog about it but I have been insanely busy with Omocha Land (goods have finally arrived so thank god!) and also busy slimming down, reading up on home reno... Actually I am just pure lazy in posting pictures la. :P

Celebration kicks off on the 20th Aug by having a perfect dinner with my primary school lovelies @ Quality Hotel. I am soooo in love with the porridge buffet! Thou Max can't make it due to chicken pox, we had a great time catching up and laughing over gross jokes. :P Thanks Jun, Zihua & Zave! ^^

On the 21st, which is a Saturday, the husband's besties decided to have potluck over at our place. They brought soooo much food and we da bao-ed different taste hor fan & fried rice in the end also couldn't finish. ><

Jasmine and I tried to get the induction stove working as she wants to fry some dumping but turn out it's spoilt after not using it for a longggg time. It caused a major power trip and I panicked because the circuit breaker can't work at all. In the end the Husband have to call the electrician to solve it. Super fulfilling day. :P

The day ended with Mahjong and a lovely birthday cake for me from all of them. Thanks for remembering my birthday! <3

On the 22nd, I had birthday lunch with my family @ Bosses Restaurant, Vivocity. I always loved the place because they have really good fried rice and soup! Too bad they no longer have the pig intestine soup. :( Ate the birthday for the 3rd time! And coincidently, all 3 are from Bakerzin! HAHA!

After lunch, we shopped around and went back home to prepare for Sasikala's wedding at night. (I knew her since Kindergarten and we were in the same Secondary school class throughout!)

It's my 1st time attending an Indian wedding and I am impressed by how grand it is! We chinese should stop complaining about how tedious a traditional wedding is. Look at the Indian wedding! It's like 100x more tedious!

After the traditional ceremony is over, we all proceed to have our dinner and boy, it's super nice and have a wide variety of food!

Chatted with the secondary school mates over dinner. Some of us havent seen each other for a longgggg time but it feels like just yesterday we graduated from school! Look at Sadat! The most notorious boy from my class is married with 2 kids already. Shit I feel so old now. -_-

After being very distracted from all the catching up and gossiping, a birthday cake sprung outta no where and gave me a super pleasant surprise! :) what's better than celebrating your birthday at a wedding, in an Indian temple!?


From the husband, a couple tee from DCP and Balenciaga city bag in Canard! Bought the bag while we were still in HK. ^^


From my sister, is a super pretty Longchamp Le Pliage Butterfly series LE!

Last but not least from my besties!

Left from secondary school besties and right from the primary school besties! ^^

Thanks my lovelies! My life wouldn't be completed without every single one of you! <3 Thanks for making my birthday so memorable, as usual!



Denne Residence: [003] 1st appointment confirmed!
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 4:11 PM

Seems like this blog is becoming an outlet for me to update about our new home. But at least I am making the effort to update more often these days. :P

I have been refreshing myhdbpage at least 20 times each day EVERY DAY for the past week. Finally I see some updates in the page and informed us on the schedule date of our 1st appointment.

Seeing this is even more excited than seeing a 4-d winning number! HAHAHA!

1 more month + to go! I seriously I can't wait!



Denne Residence: [002] Purchase of Original HDB Floor Plan
Monday, August 16, 2010 3:38 PM

Finally decided to buy the floor plan from hdb website after convincing myself to part with the $5 for a piece of (very important) paper. :P

We have been thinking of hacking quite a numbers of wall. One of the "must go" is the wall between the kitchen and the utility room.

OOoooo just by looking at the floor plan I am excited already! ^^ Everyday I will have the urge to visit the house but I can't! Unless I break in when the owners are not around... heh heh heh.



Denne Residence: [001] The journey of buying our lovenest
Friday, August 13, 2010 2:13 PM

I believe most of my regular readers here have read about my disappointment of not able to purchase Cityview more than 2 years back. It's not like we are not issued a queue number. Infact I think we can easily pick the best unit we wanted.

But at that time we are unable to get the blessing from the adults partially due to the fact that 600k for a HDB with the size slightly over 100sqm is quite insane. (But look at the market now?! 600k is really nothing comparing to the COV that resale owners are asking for these days.)

After getting married (rom-ed) for almost 3 years already, I really feel something was missing in this marriage... a place we call our Home. Afterall staying at the in-laws's doesn't mean I have the right to decorate the house the way I wanted. Plus the housechore workload sometimes drives me crazy.

I have always wondered how our own home will really look like. Having to stay in HK for 2 years, living in 2 different apartment, I roughly have an idea what kind of house I am looking for. We need SPACE. Especially me who have hell lotsa toy collection.

Me think that we are kinda spoilt after staying in the 2nd HK apartment due to it's facilities and amenities nearby. But afterall it's a condo and the developer of the condo is one of the top notch in Hong Kong. Our apartment was just 5-7 mins walk to the Mall & MTR stations. Our unit was just a stone throw away (like literally?!) from the famous Tai Kok Tsui where food can be easily available.

But now that we are talking about buying a place of our own where large sum of money is required, we decided that we should go for HDB instead of private when we are still eligible.

After discussing about when is the right time to buy our own place, we coincidently met an agent during a gathering at the Husband's ex colleagues's place @ Kim Tian.

This agent knock on the door asking for more information regarding the neighbours next door. Turn out that her client bought a unit opposite the ex colleagues and she was trying to find out if there have been loan shark activities nearby. She passed us her name card and left us a pretty deep impression for being meticulous and going an extra mile for her client.

A week later we decided to give her, Sally the agent a call and she popped by our place for a discussion. 1 thing we like about her is that she is pretty systematic. She printed out alot of handouts with different budget base on our salary and also researched on past transaction of the area we are interested in.

Our initial target was Eunos, Kembangan, Bedok, Tampines, Tiong Bahru and Bendemeer. Eunos, Kembangan & Bedok is because it's near to the in laws. Tampines because the agent highly recommended the area. Tiong Bahru is because we like the environment in Kim Tian and Bendemeer is of course because it's near my parents. But after much discussion, its either some areas are too expensive or not exactly a pleasant area for young couple with expanding family. We changed our target again. This time we specifically asked to view flats in Serangoon.

I have always liked Serangoon (Central, no North pls) because I find the area peaceful and family friendly. Plus the upcoming NEX Mall is a bonus!

[24th July 2010]

Met Sally @ the void deck of one of the unit we planning to view. We are supposed to view 4 units on that day.

[1st unit - 5 room flat]

Located on the lift landing top floor. It's a door to door unit. Reccess area can be bought over if interested. The view is blocked for all windows but pretty windy due to it's height. My mum didn't like it because she says that top floor will feel warm and noisy due to the water tank. But my dad had a great time chatting with the male owner. Apparently they bought a unit in Cityview therefore selling their current flat. NEXT!

[2nd unit - 5 room flat]

Located 1 floor below the lift landing iirc. It's another door to door unit. Pretty good condition and seems like owner spent quite abit on reno before. Sister and her bf also interested in the unit. Plus point of the flat is that it's just directly opposite NEX Mall. Just across the road! Was thinking of KIV but Mum (again!) saw something suspicious on the Altar which I won't go into details too. Dad said that the house gave him a creepy and uncomfty feeling. Okay... >< NEXT!

[3rd unit - 4 room flat]

The windiest unit we viewed that day but also the one with the oddest shape. Not interested at all. NEXT!

[4th unit - 4 room flat]

AIYOOOOO... Although their asking price is low, it looks exactly like those you saw on TV, family asking for donation kind of unit. Don't have good feelings of the unit too...

We were pretty disappointed because we thought we will see something that gives us a MUST buy feel. The Husband and I are pretty implusive when it comes to buying things but it also not easily to find something that we really like. And if we do, we will try to find ways to get it.

After viewing the 4th unit, Sally told us that she arranged for her next client to view an EM (Executive Maisonette) @ Serangoon Ave 2. Since I didn't really have any idea how an EM really looks like, we agree to go take a peek at the unit. Who knows that we will fall in love with it almost immediately...

Among all the units we viewed that day, the void deck of the EM block is the cleanest and most peaceful. There is a bus stop (with bus 133!!) right under the block. NEX Mall (& Serangoon MRT station) is about 5-7 minutes walk away. The unit is located on the 8th floor. Living room view is the open field of Nanyang Junior College and also some far away condo views. Very beautiful at night!

On the 1st floor, there is a open balcony, a small study room, pretty decent size kitchen, 2 living rooms and a small storeroom under the stairways.

On the 2nd floor, there is a masterbed room (with attached toilet), 2 guests room and 1 common toilet. A total of 3 toilets!

What I like most about the house is it's not surrounded by other flats therefore the good view and strong wind. Never in my whole life I will dream about staying in an EM. But after viewing this unit, I couldn't stop thinking about how perfect it will be as our 1st home!

We got Sally to calculate the amount we need to pay if we are interested in the unit. As the valuation report is not out yet, we are unsure if it's advisable to offer base on the valuation report from the neighbours. Who knows it may be lower?!

Everyone love the house despite how original condition it is in. To be honest no matter where we buy, we will prefer to overhaul the house instead. And so that night, I couldn't sleep because I love the house sooooo much and I am worried that someone might have offered and got the house 1st.

The next day, the Husband and I went back to the block at night to look around the neighbour hood. We walk from the block to NEX Mall and was very amazed by how close they are to each other. (Not throw stone away but still near la!) But half way while walking from from NEX Mall to our car, it suddenly started to rain, no, POURRRR without warning! It was fun holding each other's hands and running for our lives under the rain. :P So romantic!

After the weekends, we or rather I had a hard time concentrating at work because I couldn't keep my mind off the unit. We have been pestering Sally and wanna know if the unit is sold already or not. Part of me wanna view more units but I know it's not easy to find a place that you know you will be god damn happy staying in it.

[30th July 2010]

Viewed an EM @ Lengkong Tiga. The area is SOOOOOOOO quiet. Too quiet for comfort. Plus their asking is so high! >< Perhaps it's because the area is surrounded by private houses. My mind is still filled with the Serangoon unit.

[31st July 2010]

Came the next Saturday, we had a 2nd viewing of the house.

We were surprise that the valuation price came out lower than what we expected. It should be a good news to us but in the end we were shocked that the seller set their cov at $80k! No matter how much we love the flat, $80k is tooooo much for a unit with sucha original condition. We forsee that renovation will cost us a bomb so we are trying to save up for reno cost. We offered a price we are comfortable with and left the owners to consider the deal.

At night, Sally called and say that our offer is too little as someone offered the same amount as us and was rejected flat by the seller. We thought thru hard that night and increased our budget to something slightly higher.

[1st August 2010]

We went back to the house the next day and try to negotiate the COV with the seller. They were pretty stringent about the price and were expecting us to top up a 10K above our offered price. But anything above our offered price we find it hard to fork out. I was on the verge of giving up and bursting into tear when Sally told us that maybe we should just meet half way by offering them additonal 1k to close the deal. So I told the Husband, if this still doesn't work, we will just give up.

We were sitted in the dinning area while the sellers are discussing in the corridor with the agents. After a good 5 minutes, Sally walked in...

And she said the seller is willing to close the offer! Not with the additional 1k! They are willing to close at our offer price! I was sooooo happy that I almost teared! :`) I am not sure how our agent convinced the seller but I am more than thankful for her effort! Maybe the sellers can tell how much I love their house! :P

Signed the documents, gave them a cheque of 1k as deposit, booked the unit! Woohoo!

At that time, our HLE have yet to be approved so were still thinking if we should get bank loan instead. We seek advise from my FIL who have been working in the bank for all his life (hahaha!), he suggest that we should go for bank loan for it's low rates now. But I was struggling with the decision because I am not a risk taker.. thou the interest is pretty attractive now(1.88% for 2 years) no one will know what is gonna happen 2 years down the road. Then again, I am no expert when it comes to loan so we decided to go ahead with bank loan.

For the past few days, I have been busy gathering all important documents, contact the bankers, submitting the documents and finally getting an approval from UOB. UOB have amazing service! We sent in our application in the day and gets an approval at night! We took time off and popby HDB HUB yesterday to sign the bank loan documents @ the UOB office. There are sooooo many documents to sign that my signature went haywire. -_-

I can't wait for the 1st appointment to come in mid September! Thou I know we will only be able to get the keys by end of the year (the seller request to extend their stay for another 2 months), I can't wait to finalise the purchase and call this place as our own! ^^

Picture courtesy from

Sorry for the verbal diarrhea. And pardon me for any typo! :P




Tuesday, August 10, 2010 8:07 PM

When the Husband and I were still in Hong Kong, we have been dreaming about the things we wanna buy if we get the chance to return Singapore. House & Car tops our priority.

One very fine afternoon after having a family lunch, I suggested all of us to pop by some car showroom for some window shopping.

I have always like big cars like Toyota Harrier, Estima. Small cars like Jazz/Fit is pretty cute too but we find them too small due to the Husband's height. Our first stop was Borneo Motor and was pretty blown away by the new Camry & Rav4.

I love the RAV4 because of it's size and it's sporty outlook while the Hubby likes the Camry for it's classy touch. But both was over budget. :P

After looking at RAV4, we suddenly recall that it has a smaller Brother call the RUSH. And so we hopped over to UBI where all the PI car dealers are.

We entered the very 1st store and set our eyes on the RUSH that was on display in the showroom. Little did we know that we will skip out of the store as happy car owners. ^^

I think this is the perfect car for us because it suits our lifestyle perfectly. It has potential to be "zhng" into a pretty cool car! :P

Just gave the baby a good shower the other day so decided to take some pictures of it while it's still sparkling clean. HEE.

Now that we have bought our dream car, and recently our dream house too, I can die a very happy person now! <3

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We bought a house!!
Tuesday, August 03, 2010 4:24 PM

Like finally! We finally bought our house, a dream house!!! *beaming with joy*

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 10:18 AM

Sorry that I didn't keep my promise but working life is crazeeeeeee plus having to take care of a household just makes my life more hectic these days. -_-

So many things happened since we came back from hk. 1st we bought our own car, then I langa the car, then I bought a pair of supposedly female hamster, then pre-order for Omocha-Land, then supplier say my order too small so I have to increase my order with the risk of over-stocking... -_-

Let's just start off with my hamsters...

Not sure if anyone of you remember but I used to have a hamster name Hamuchan but he left me after suffering from tumor. I read back my entry and saw myself promising not to get another hamster to replace how important he is to me.

One of the reason why I didn't want to get another replacement is because I really had a hard time dealing with passing on pets. But when I was in HK, I realise that I still very much a hamster lover... Initially I was thinking about dogs, then rabbit, then chinchilla (if you realise the pet size gets smaller haha...) and finally decided to get hamsters again. In the end I choose hamsters because I have experience in keeping them plus I am not staying at my very own place so getting a pets that require to roam around the house is outta question.

It was 5 years ago since I had my last hamster. This time I did alot of research on what breed to get before settling down with my current pair.

I went many places to look for young babies (I tried waiting for adoption in the hamster forum but nothing I want pops up :/) in the pet shops... from SN(Serangoon North) to PLC (Pet lover centre) to many other petshops.

Previously I was quite sure that I will get a pair of pearl winter white but in the end I was melted at the sight of this pair of hamster I saw from a petshop in a tampines shopping mall. (not naming the pet shop name..)

I named them 虾饺 & 燒賣.

Needless to say the reason to name them after dimsums is to remember my times in HK. HAHA.

虾饺 is Winter White Sapphire and 燒賣 is a Normal Winter White.

I bought them on the 11th of June 2010 when they were about 4 weeks old I think.

I wanted a pair of female because I didn't want to breed them and I thought I can give it a try to house them together by getting younger hamster from the same litter.

BUT who knows...

1 weeks later I realise 虾饺 is getting thinner and weaker with a small bald patch on her back while 燒賣 is getting plumper and active. I took both of them back to the petshop and ask if there is anything wrong with 虾饺. The petshop merely said she is suffering from "fur dropping diseases" and insist me returning them back the hamster and ask me to pick a new one.

Everything happened too quickly and before I know, 虾饺 disappeared infront of me and I was led to the tank of hamster where I have to pick a new one. The Hubby was with me and was rather sad that 虾饺 got brought away because both of us really like her and she gets along really well with 燒賣.

Another shop assistant told me that I can only pick the same kind of hamster with the same color so he took out a few "females" sapphire winter white and place them one by one into the carrier which I placed 燒賣 inside. Finally we got one that 燒賣 seems to be able to get along with and decided to get that instead... I repeatedly ask the shop assistant if he is confirmed that the new hamster is a female and he said yes yes.

And so... I brought both of them back and they seems to settle down with each other quite quickly. Thou on somedays they are rather squeaky, 虾饺 have been really sweet by transporting beddings into the small house where both of them sleep in and keep each other warm.

Then 2 weeks later I realise something went amiss. 虾饺 have been humping 燒賣 ALOT. I started to suspect that maybe 虾饺 is a male but I read online that 2 female hamster do hump each other too to mark territory.

As day pass by, 虾饺 got more and more obsessed with the humping and I notice he have weird discharge (which i suspect is sperm) on the ground where he always pee. And suddenly, JUST SUDDENLY in the middle of the night sometime 2 weeks ago, 虾饺 squeaked VERY loudly, the familiar sound that I recognize when my old pair of hamster fought and have to be permanently separated. 燒賣 went crazy biting 虾饺's fur and refuse to let go. 虾饺 got so scared that he keeps falling off from the 3rd storey of the cage. The worst part is that I don't have a 2nd tank so I quickly emptied a storage container that I used to store their beddings, removed 虾饺 and put him into the container and think about what to do the next day.

And so the next day, I took 虾饺 and stomp into the pet shop and ask the shop assistant (not the one that pick the new hamster) if 虾饺 is a male. And he said yes, very obviously. So I told him, you really caused me alot of trouble by selling me 2 different gender when I don't have intention to breed them. The assistant then said, it's not me who pick the hamsters for you and that colleague of his got "problem" one. Got problem?! If no experience don't take the risk and pick gender for customer lor. Seriously...............

But before I stomp out of the petshop, I have to purchase another set of wheels, food dish and waterbottle but 虾饺's make shift place...

After separating both of them, I started to get worried about 燒賣 getting pregnant but after a few days I have decided that if she is really pregnant I can always give them up for adoption to people close to me who have keeping hamsters experience. Since I know they have to be kept separately permanently, this shall be her 1st and very last litter also.

Initially does start to look a little bigger everyday but after much waiting till this day, I can safely say she is not pregnant. 虾饺's "aiming" is rather lousy la. HAHA! Anyway it's a blessing in disguise. She is too young to be a mother too.

Now that 燒賣 is staying in a "condo" while 虾饺 is staying in a guppy tank, I felt a little unfair for them so just last week I bought X 2 1.5ft 5plan tank from SN and will be helping them to shift house this weekend. Still trying ways to make the tank into a 2 storey kind so am looking for the AB seton plaform thingy for them. Daiso was disappointing yesterday as I couldn't get anything that I saw some forumers bought for their hamsters. :/

The condo they used to stay together in.

燒賣 way of sleeping.

虾饺 way of sleeping.

More pictures here.



3rd ROM-niversary!
Thursday, June 24, 2010 10:20 PM

3 years ago on this date, I said yes and exchanged ring with my best friend, my soul mate, the love of my life.

Today we still remember our vows, promise to love each other till the end of time.

3 years later I am still counting my blessings to be able to be your wife. Thank you for giving me what I always wanted. A happy family of my own. :)

I love you baby! Now and forever. <3 Happy ROM-niversary!

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Journey back home...
Tuesday, June 08, 2010 10:04 AM

I think it's almost a month since we both came back to Singapore for good. Sometimes I have forgotten that I ever left here and stay in a foreign country for almost 2 years. But from time to time when I am out shopping and looking at pricetag, I will automatically divide the amount by 5. VERY VERY DANGEROUS I TELL YOU. Everything will become very cheap but reality will hit you when you reaches the payment counter. LOL

I never really talk about how we came about deciding to come back for good. Actually we have been talking about it for a long long time but opportunity don't just come with a a snap of fingers. After a million tries, we finally see some lights in the dark tunnel...

The wait for the golden ticket flying back home took us about 3 months. It's insane I tell you. As much as I am dying to go home, the Husband appear more anxious then me. I think he may be suffering from depression that time. He can't sleep, eat or work. We go to the temple almost every weekend. All we can do is only pray, pray and pray...

And finally when we receive THE PHONE CALL, we realise it's not just about putting our belongings into suitcase and fly back home. We have to put everything in CARTONS instead.

Obviously I am incharge of packing since I am always at work. Buying carton boxes in HK is not as easy in SG. We had to travel far away to buy them and imagine the size of an inflated box. We need almost 20 of them.

Ever since, every single day was packing and packing for me. Sealing them up is a total bitch. Each boxes are so heavy and I have to tape them all around. Push, pull & turn. The worst part is stacking them up. It's not helping when the weather in HK is SO WET THAT EVERYTHING IS TURNING MOLDY! I don't want to bring mold back to Singapore.

Other than belonging, we have SO much to settle. From utilities bill transfer to bank account to apartment lease. Our head gets bigger each day.

I tried my luck and posted a thread in a expat forum regarding my lease break apartment and just within half an hour, I had emails from a few different people. And most of them are Singaporeans.

This particular girl from Singapore emailed me 1st so I gave her the piority to view our apartment on that weekend. We hit it off instantly (maybe it's the Singaporean thing. haha) and she have shown interest in taking over our apartment. Everything happen so quickly and before we know it, we sealed the deal and will move out 2 weeks later.

1 week before our departure we got the courier that my Dad recommend to ship our barangs back to SG via sea. A total of over 300kg! My Dad got a rude shock after I told him the weight. He asked if it's in pound instead. I thought it could be but I weigh them away and confirm it's kg. omg.

2 days before our departure, we moved out of our lovely apartment and put up at a hotel near our place. It was mix feeling for both of us. As much as we want to go back to SG, we don't know what's waiting for us back home.

1 day before flying back home, we watched Ipman again. (Did I mention I watched Ipman 2 like 3 times already?! HAHA! I even bought the DVD for part 1.) Had a nice meal and reminisce all the good times we had in HK.

THE DAY is finally here. Although we have shipped 300kg of items back but we are still stuck with 4 big luggages and a even buy extra weight for our barangs with the airline. But when we reaches the airport, the check in counter told us that our baggage exceeded what we have bought so we have to hand carry some of them. WOAH imagine us pulling out items one by one and dump everything into the trolley and run to the luggages store to buy a cabin size luggage.

When we reaches the departure gate, we were told that the flight is full so we have to check in our cabin luggage too! WTF man in the end also check in, why trouble us to buy another luggage and take our things out from our usual luggage?!?!?!

The flight home was exceptionally long but not like I am complaining... I believe I won't be taking another flight for a long long time later. :P

So happy to reach the arrival hall seeing my Mum and Sister. Dad was too busy to come but thanks to him for allowing my sister to take time off from work. HEE

Went back home and another round of cleaning and unpacking. I am SO glad we are all settled down comfortably now. Life have been so good ever since!! ^^

Thanks to all my family & friends who have been there for me when I am troubled away from home. And thanks to my Husband who work so hard to provide me when I am not working for the past 2 years.

Vacation is over! But happiness remains! <3

(sorry for the wall of text! I am typing this blog in office so no pictures yet! :P But stay tune peeps!)

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Omocha-Land Pre-order starts now!
Monday, June 07, 2010 10:37 AM

Please visit us to find out more! ^^

Nono, this blog won't turn into an Omocha-Land update site only. I promise to update by this week! :/



Omocha-Land GSS!
Wednesday, June 02, 2010 9:56 AM

Visit us now!

So many backlogs to blog about! T-T so many things to do but so little time! *pull hair*



Back to work.
Thursday, May 20, 2010 3:13 PM

Although I can no longer be a tai tai and do nothing at home, I think I am much happier now.

原來,忙碌也是一種快樂。 :)


Back in Singapore... For GOOD! :)
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 10:55 PM

After close to 2 years, we are finally back to where we truly belong. :) These 2 months was really crazy for us. From confirming hubby's job to looking for a new tenant for our rented apartment to packing of our belongings to settling the rest of the $ & bills... it's really difficult times to get thru.

We shipped a total of 14 carton of items weighing 314kg thru sea and checked in 5 baggage weighing around 80kg on flight. Can't imagine the tonnes of things we bought in HK. 2 years ago we went there with 2 checked in baggage only!

My Sister & Mum came to the airport to fetch us last Tuesday. I am sure my Mum is very pleased to see us back for good. :)

IT's so good to be back! (minus the unpacking thou. AIYOOOO TORTURING LA!)

I promise to update more now!! HAHA! I AM SURE I WILL STICK TO THIS PROMISE NOW!


Things like these makes me happy!
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 8:32 PM

I couldn't decide which one to buy until the Husband say: "Just get all of them!"

He knows me the best! <3

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010 12:07 PM

Everytime I pass by it, there will be this pang of sadness in me. There are so much regrets in my life and giving up Cityview tops all of them.

If we had ignored all the advice against getting it, we will soon have our very own love nest next year.

But then again, what to do? My life is just like a puppet.


Back with new toys...
Monday, March 29, 2010 1:23 PM

Disappeared for longer than expected... but nothing is better then having some me-time and clearing some thoughts.

Life was a roller coaster for the past few weeks but no matter what happens, life still goes on. I am still who I am and I still love what I love. I have been pretty optimistic for all my life so I guess it helps to get by bad times pretty quickly.

And so the besties, Ailing, Kaijing & Dylan visited the Husband and I in HK earlier this month and we had so much fun! :) Peili and Irvin was also in HK at the same time so we visited Ocean Park today and stayed in there from morning till the gate close behind us. Usually the Husband and I only spent like what, 3 hours most in Ocean Park? Haha... I am amazed by the besties' willpower.

Yes, it's the eyeball-enlargement photosticker machine. But seems like the function works well for everyone else except for me. I must have REALLY SMALL EYES. :P

So when we were back in Singapore for CNY, the Husband and I were looking at getting Wayfarer. He wants to use it as eyeglasses while I am looking for shades. Sunglass Hut @ Marina Square was having 20% off for most items and I am surprise that Rayban are on sale too. Price was really attractive so we were pretty much sold.

Husband got the tortise color for his eyeglasses while I got white for mine. Initially I was considering red and white but red is too BOOMZ for me so I got the white instead. But white have pure white with full black shades and white subway design with grey shades. Since price difference wasn't huge for both, I got the subway one which was supposed to be limited edition. Love it! :)

While the besties were here, they shop so much that left me speechless. They really know how to walk. Haha... especially Dylan! And I think he bought the most items. Very impressive for a guy. :P

Of course how can I not bring them to my favorite kuma store? I went to collect the sandwich plush which I pre-ordered sometime back and bought some cute stickers too. Too hard to resist. :)

I still buy Rilakkuma stuff when I have a blogshop selling them... but some of the items I got are only sold in Japan and the store owner is really nice to get them for me. ^^

Pass by Macdonalds last Friday and they are selling their new 35th Anniversary plush toys collector set. Too cute to give it a miss!

It's funny how collector's edition doesn't come with the normal size Officer Big Mac & Mac Tonight. I have to stuff myself silly with mac to complete the set. -_-

To find out more, visit HERE! :)

Those who are on my Facebook will know that I am dying to eat the Rilakkuma cake, partially for the cute Rilakkuma plates that will be given free for every 1 pound of cake. There are a totally of 6 plates that comes in 3 different sets.

Saint Honore, the cake shop offering the cute cakes are not exactly near my place but the love I have for Rilakkuma make me determine to get them. Haha... and Thanks to the Husband for spoiling me.

I can safely say that we are super hardcore Rilakkuma Fans because we ate 3 blardy pound of cake just to finish collecting all the plates.

Anyway the cakes are also to welcome our smallest member of the Kuma family... SLS. (don't ask me why that name. The Husband gave the funniest name to all my bears.)

Can you see cake oozing out from my nose already?

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1 more week.
Monday, March 15, 2010 9:38 AM

Give me 1 more week. I need to get my life together.


Chinese Lunar New Year!
Monday, March 01, 2010 10:47 AM

I just couldn't keep to my promise about blogging regularly in 2010. I totally lost the mojo for blogging once I go on a relatively long trip. (e.g back for cny and perth.)

It's pretty scary to know that it's the 3rd month into 2010 already. This year seems to move on very quickly but I guess it's a good thing. Soon we will be in HK for 2 years already and I am really looking forward to going back to SG for good.


This time we flew back to SG days before CNY so that we will have time for shopping. I couldn't find anything suitable for new year in HK that's why I always say SG is the best shopping place for me.

This year the in laws had early reunion dinner so I am very excited to be able to join my very own family for reunion on new year's eve. I know it's not a normal practice for married daughter and I didn't join them last year.

Day 1 was spent with my in laws and house visiting. And of course how can we missed out visiting the temple early in the morning? After temple, we had a hard time finding eatery that opens on 1st day of CNY. My FIL says he remember seeing one of the Bak Kut Teh stall in Balestier advertising on the newspaper saying that they are open. IIRC it's the 933 BKT. Surprised to see that it's not at all packed given that it's one of the many few stalls opening on that day.

Since 1st day of CNY is also V-day, the Husband and I thought of catching a movie together so I tried making a reservation via my BB and got a confirmation number. But when we went to Tampines GV to make a collection, I was told there isn't any booking under my name. WTF I was pissed and asked if that's the case, why bother about having an application for online booking?! The cinema is full by the time we were there and no way we can buy tickets on the spot. BAH!

No movie so we had a pathetic dinner @ Pasta Mania. I found plastic in my pasta and how lucky can I get? We really regretted having dinner there, totally forgotten about the new mall in Tampines. Tampines 1! We had a good walk at Tampines 1 after dinner and home sweet home we went.

The Husband got a LVoely wallet from me, replacing the old one which went outta shape after him squeezing coins in bill compartment. :O I am still waiting for mine, something that can't be bought with just $$... but patience. :P

Day 2 was spent at my parents' place. Finally I get to eat the Heng Wah Mee Sua again! Only available in the HO's residence. :P Always look forward to eat it every CNY.

After makan, we proceed to my uncle's place for visiting. He have a really impressive garden in his balcony!

Had lunch at his place and waited till it's time for me and the Husband to make our way to the airport. Our flight to perth was supposed to be 7ish but when we reach the airport for check in at around 5pm, we were told that our flight was changed to 5ish. Good lord we ALMOST missed our flight! We make a quick dash to the boarding gate after checking in and once we settle down onto our seats in the flight, the door is closed. Phew! Crazy!


The in laws reached Perth earlier than us as they took the morning flight instead. So they came to the airport and fetch us and we had supper @ Macdonalds.

The subsequent days in Perth was quite leisure and tummy filling. We were constantly munching on food (me, SIL, MIL & Aunt) and the guys (FIL and Hubby) were in charge to be behind the wheels.

We visited Fremantle (for the amazing Fish & Chips @ Cicerellos!), Rottnest Island for the beautiful beaches & Margaret River for the wine and chocolate. We had alot of Chinese food in Perth but because my FIL prefer Chinese over Western Food. Not that I am complaining. The Chinese cuisine there is exceptionally good! :)

I WASN'T too hyped up in Perth due to many reasons and one of them is definitely the shopping malls. Perhaps I was too pampered in HK & SG, shopping in Perth can be quite a dread.

Flew back to SG on the 20th and we had lotsa catching up with our friends. Glad to be able to meet up with the LJ peeps for durian supper (sorry that I have to leave early to see doctor. Water retention the doctor says! ><), dinner with Jun & Zave (Congrats on the enagagement!! <3) and the Husband's besties for late CNY visiting! :)

After all the good times in SG, we flew back to reality on the 23rd to find my house soaked in water, like literately? The weather in HK is INSANELY wet due to high humidity. The celling started to get moldy (the horror!!), the tile walls are dripping with condensation water! I wanted to cry so much but I was too busy trying to make them dry! :( One of our guppy died too!! :(

I was so depressed over the wet house that the Husband decided to get me a dehumidifier the next day. I have no idea how it actually works but we leave it on throughout the whole night together with aircon, it's alarm went off 4am that morning and I went to check what happened. I was shocked that it shows the tank is full and I have to pour away 10L of water! I turn it on again and it's alarm went off 9am the next day. Goodness 20L of water sucked out from my room! It's like someone just pour water into our house!

I really hope the weather gets better soon because my laundry couldn't dry in time for the next round of laundry to be washed! :(

Exicted about the besties visiting us in HK this coming Wednesday! That's the reason why I have to update this now if not I will have more backlogs once they are here! :P


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Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:09 AM

I have to say this again: I hate coming back home after a long trip. Now I have 2 moutains of clothings to handwash after sending 2 batches for machine wash. BAH.

Been missing out so much after going back to SG for CNY (no internet at home) and a 5days trip to Perth (NO INTERNET AGAIN! T-T).

I don't know which could be worse? No internet or NO internet?!

But I can't be any happier getting my lappy fixed. Thou I need sometime adjusting back to the keyboard arrangement. (eeePC keyboard is crazy)

Gotta get back to all my housework. HK weather is insane and everything in my house are dripping with water!! Get me outta here!



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