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Oh happy day!
Monday, August 04, 2008 3:52 PM

After going thru a week of emotional roller coaster ride, I am backkkkkkkkkkk!

But nope, I have not mastered the art of forgive and forget. At least not for people like THEM. Anyway, like I always say... I believe in karma. So I shall just sit back and relax, waiting for nature to punish EVILLLLLLLLLLL people. :) Meanwhile I will chant good karma for people I love.

And so, good mood started when I finally received my red ipod shuffle which I ordered online. Got it for my gym regiment so workout will not be so boring anymore. Love apple online store because there are no delivery charges and you get free engraving!

Bought the 1gb nia since I only store some of my favourite songs. I love looping and shuffling them so no point getting ipod nano which have an LCD screen.

Basically I spent my weekdays doing wedding photo montage using Premiere Elements. But my laptop is very the 不争气 la. Very slow and keep crashing. God knows how much ram is needed to run such application.

Still remember when I was still in poly, I ran programs like SQL Apache, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop and Lightwave all at one go because I was rushing my year end project and in the end my computer crash. Got the technician to come and found out my ram literately BLOATED. Ugh.

Back to the montage. I am done with the individual photos (e.g bride and groom's baby and teenage photos) and now left with the couple, ROM and pre wedding photos. Maybe gotta take another week to finish it. Don't ask me why am I not using window movie maker to do it. It's obvious. Premiere Elements got more control over the transition and places to put your text. Once you have learn to use PE, you will never touch Movie maker again.

The husband's monthly haircut was due again and this time round we decided to go ahead and made reservation at HAIRDO, Causewaybay (Opposite Time Square). The husband said that its a much better salon then the previous one he went to. Basically this salon is full of real japanese stylist. Not those wannabe. Thou it's almost twice the price compared to the previous one he had his cut at,HAIRDO cost almost the same price as what the Husband paid for when he cut his at Hairy's @ Far East Plaza, Singapore. So I guess it's all worth it. He is still as suave. Hee hee.

After his 1 1/2 hr haircut (don't ask me why so long!), we pop over to Time Square and had dinner @ Simply Thai for the 2nd time.

Don't understand why people cannot take non-shakey pictures with my camera. Not even the husband. So hard to control meh. Yah la I know under low lights shots tends to be shakey but... I can still take quite steady shot of you leh. :/ Why my individual picture always so blur one. :(

I had my usual shrimp paste fried rice while the husband had this out-of-the-world-crazy-spicy basil leave fried rice. Poor baby LS-ed like 4-5 times after the dinner. Too spicy liao la!

After dinner, we went Citysuper and after much consideration... the husband bought me a huge present!


My very own Lomo LC-A+!!!! Man, I don't know how does girls felt if their bf or hubby present them with a branded bag but to me, buying me a gadget I love is like the best feeling in this world! I love my new toy and no words can describe how I feel now!

I am still looking for the perfect pouch for it now. Wanted to get the same porter pouch I got for my GRDII but LC-A+ is fatter than GRDII and it's not easy to find back the same pouch as it's a LE piece...

Anyway here are some pictures of my new toys and some comparison shots with GRDII.

They do look abit like siblings. But LC-A+ isn't made to perfection. It's a little rugged-looking but guess that's why I fell in love with it. Now I truly appreciate the beauty of black... but not like I no longer love pink. :)

I almost forgotten how to load a 35mm film but I guess all the good memories are coming back. The very last time I handle a film camera was like my last year in Secondary school. Am at the 7th frame now only so gonna take sometime before I can post what amazing images it can capture...

I know I said I want it to be a present from those who knows who I am talking about but the husband know I can't wait so got it for me 1st. So if you're still fussing over what to get for me, just chip any amount into this present and it will still make me very happy. It's the thought that counts la. :P More info, go contact the husband ba! (But I still want my birthday card hor!)

I truly hate Hong Kong's weather. We encountered the worse hit of rain and heat ever since we move over. It's crazy because it affect your daily routine. Like today, the Standby Signal for Tropical Cyclone, No. 1 is in force together with the VERY HOT warning. I am trapped inside the house with the bright sun all over me. I can't switch on the aircon because the living room aircon is the huge one which will contribute ALOT to the water and electrcity bills. I had the fan blowing directly at my face till my head hurts. When will winter come? It's prolly the only thing I look forward now in HK.

I also conclude that majority Hong Kong-ers are a bunch of very unhappy people. I have nothing against them, really. But they always have this very unhappy look on their face and put all the blames onto anyone, simply anyone they meet on the street. They dash their way, bumping into you. But instead of saying sorry, they scream at you, like it's your fault.

The other day the husband and I were on the train and this auntie was the last to hop onto the extremely packed train. But because she was carrying a relatively huge backpack, she was bumping into everyone else. Come on, no one was even giving her a dirty look but in return, she starts screaming at this lady next to her, saying that she is getting into hers and her bag's way. The poor lady obviously have to shun away from her but how far can she go... since the train was already so packed.

And there was once even more dramatic. Everyone was minding their own business at the train platform when this young man started shouting in cantonese with things like: "What are you looking at?!?! Not happy?! Come hit me!". Wah lau machiam like Singapore Ah Beng. I never thought I will encounter this myself until that day. The couple was very embarrassed la. Maybe they did stare at the man la but no need shout so loud ma. Aiyo.

Actually Singapore and Hong Kong are about the same. You will encounter good and bad service everywhere, anywhere. Sales reps can be sucha pain in the arse but I shall not dive into negative details. Nevertheless, I still encounter with good ones la. Like this cashier at 大家乐。Maybe it's because we had our dinner there almost every evening but it's still nice to know people actually bother to remember you. She will ask things like, "So is it take away again today?" and she bother to say hello to us very excitedly. It makes me very happy. Simple yet happy.

But nothing beats being at home... my Singapore home...

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