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Omocha-Land Collection 5 & Updates!
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 10:27 AM

Omocha-Land Collection 5 is up! The last collection of 2009! :)

Wanna start off by saying a million thank you to my dearest sister, April and Linus! Although I am not in Singapore but they have no forgotten about me during this festive season! :) And so happy that Rilakkuma reminds April and Linus of me. HAHA!

It's amazing how things like this touches my heart. Guess being away from Singapore make me cherish my family and friends more! :)

The other day I ordered 2 Pursetogo for my Miu and NF and it came after a week! The website state it takes 2-4 weeks but I got them really fast! Happy!

Yay! No more saggy NF and messy things in the bags! <3

That day I was digging into my mountains of Rilakkuma collection and found this keychain that I bought sometime back!

Rilakkuma and LV are made for each other! :P Look at the matching colors!

On Saturday, we went popby Chocoolate to collect the Bape X Chocoolate dotted hoodie that we pre-ordered previously. We both got 1 each so we can have couple hoodie! :)

The cut for mine is perfect but I think the one the Husband got may be a little small but pre-order items are not allowed to exchange. Bah. :(

After coming back from Beijing and the beginning of the very cold winter, the toes on my right foot starts to swell and it got worse this week. Finally decided to see a doctor yesterday night and I am surprise to know that it's not Cellulitis.


Now my toes look 1.5 times worse from the picture. (Anyway it's the right foot.)

It's exactly the same problem I had last winter. I was diagnose with Cellulitis back then and yesterday when I went back to see another doctor, he said it's not Cellulitis because Cellulitis will not cause all 5 toes and the foot bed to be red and swollen.

Super WTF can? Why all the doctors in Hong Kong can't give me a constant diagnosis? Last year when I have shingles, I have to see 3 different doctors for 4 times before being diagnosed with Shingles. Before that I was told that I am suffering from allergy wtf can?

The doctor yesterday told me it may be Rheumatism (wtf Rheumatism on toes?!) and if the swell doesn't subside I have to go for a blood test. Sofa-king lost.

I went to see the doctor wearing my usual crocs maryjane but it was exceptionally tight yesterday because of the swell and the foot bed was uncovered so my foot was bascially exposed to the super cold air.

When I got home, I went straight to shower in hot water because anything below hot can cause frostbite no kidding!

While showering, I notice my toes got more tighten and red and worse of all, sofa-king itchy!!! SO ITCHY THAT I CAN'T STOP rubbing it! (I can't scratch because the skin is already very vulnerable from the swell.) I started crying in the bathroom and shouted for the Husband and ask him what to do to stop the itch. I quickly jump out from the shower and continue rubbing them and crying at the same time. Good lord.

No words can describe how blardy itchy it was. The itch was making me confuse and I don't know what to do but to rub and stare at it. I decided to apply medication oil but no use! The itch got worse and I totally lost control of my nerve. My leg couldn't stop twitching and it's scaring the shit outta me.

I frantically googled for "itchy red swollen toes" and was lead to CHILBLAINS. WTF it's exactly the same! The symptoms and the picture! WHAT CELLULITIS and RHEUMATISM! I don't know what the hell the doctors are doing la but they are absolutely wasting my money and time and making my situation worse!

From the situation, it seems like the blood vessels got confused by the drastic change of temperature. So I start to rotate my foot and exercise them to let the blood circulate. I put on a thick socks too to keep it warm. After about 30 minutes of non-stop exercising, the itchy starts to go away. THANK GOODNESS!! I WAS THIS CLOSE TO CHOPPING OFF MY TOES OKIE TO EASE THE ITCH!

I force myself to sleep and this morning the itch is gone and the swell went down abit! I can finally bend my toes!

PLEASE don't let me experience that kind of itch again! IT ALMOST KILLED ME.

Enough of all this terrible foot story.

I don't think I will be udpating again before Christmas so...


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